The Devil's Panties Collection

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This collection compiles all of The Devil's Panties from 2001-2014. That's over 3000 comics! From MRIs to fire breathing dragons, house buying to exploding bloody snowmen, voyeuristic fighter pilots to burglars run amok, hunting kilts with leaf blowers to avoiding deportation, dating to listen I'm running out of commas rest assured it's all in there.

And it's all hilariously random, trust me.

Or trust these carefully selected contextually dubious quotes from people who I assure you may or may not be shills.

"The only important question about a book like this is, does it bring the funny? I can tell you that it most certainly does."
--Vroom Socko, Ain't It Cool News

"It's fun to see a silly-but-not-stupid female character who, frankly, likes a lot of the stuff I like. She goes to cons, she works in a comic book store, and she doesn't dress like a fashion model. It may sound self-important, but I don't see a lot of characters like me in any media. It's cool to see one for once."
--Rebecca Henely,

"The Devil's Panties is awesome and consistently makes me laugh."
--Phil Foglio, Girl Genius


  • Not satanic porn
  • Contains exclusive material not found on the website
  • Includes a stylish tote bag to carry your groceries, invariably causing the cashier to roll their eyes
  • Doesn't really mark the 10th anniversary of The Devil's Panties, but the release date is rather suspicious, now isn't it?
  • Placing the books in the tote bag creates a moderately effective self defense weapon
  • Does critical damage against people who don't read The Devil's Panties
  • It's like MAD doctrine but with this totally awesome comic series instead of nuclear bombs